SDN Events

The Service Design Network regularly offers events on topics related to service design. Become part of the community and visit our high-quality SDN Academy workshops or our SDN Talks to share, discuss, inspire and network.

Upcoming Events

SDN Academy

The SDN Academy is one key initiative of the SDN. It provides high-quality education and qualification in the field of service design. On a regular basis, we offer workshops, seminars and training sessions, ranging from service design basics up to specific topics with a high relevance in this field. Most trainers at the SDN Academy are accredited by the Service Design Network – so you can be sure to get the best! The SDN Academy is working on an international scale, bringing the best of content and the best trainers in the world.

SDN Talks

The Service Design Talks are a key format at our event location LOFT33. With these talks we are aiming to strengthen the local service design community and to provide a platform for exchange. In addition, we want to give people interested in service design the opportunity to broaden their understanding in this field. Everyone is welcome to join us for the SDN Talks! Get in touch with like-minded people in a casual environment, join the exchange yourself about current topics in the service design and design thinking field, and gain deep insights into the daily work of service designers and their agencies.


A certain topic sparks your interest? You would like to introduce a project or lead a round of discussion? We are interested in hearing about your ideas and proposals! Lets get in touch!
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